Message from Karen Whitlock

I have decided to run for New Mexico House District 38 again. I just couldn’t sit by and see this important seat being uncontested by a Democrat. it is critical that our ideas and perspectives are heard. I decided to step up and run as a write-in candidate. I believe our community needs someone in the state House that is focused on the issues our community wrestles with every day. I’m running to make sure our families can afford quality health care, enroll their kids in excellent schools, and participate in a workforce with diverse job opportunities.
In addition, with COVID19, I do not trust the Republicans and their undying support for corporations over people. What is happening across our country disgusts me. I have to do my part to make sure that this never happens again.
Finally, this time there is a Libertarian in the race. I believe as does the New Mexico State Democratic House Caucus that this changes the dynamics in the race. Libertarians tend to pull from the Republican challenger, and this may tip the balance so a Democrat can with this race.
I am asking you to chip in for me again. We can win this race with your help. No one who runs for office and wins does this on their own. I need your help. Can you chip in a few dollars to help me win this office???
We have an important May 6 fundraising deadline, please go to to make a contribution today.
Please go to to volunteer, or pledge to write in Karen C Whitlock for State Representative District 38.