Phone Banking and Bumper Stickers


Bumper Stickers

The bumper stickers—matching the Enough?/Vote Blue signs you’ve seen popping up around Sierra County—are here and free to anyone who wants one.

Pick yours up during business hours next week, Aug. 10-14, at Sierra County Democratic Party headquarters in the Sea Properties building at 108 Main Street in T or C.

We’ve printed 250 stickers, but they’ll go fast, so don’t delay in dropping by. The goal of this joint initiative of SCDP and Sierra County Indivisible is to make this message omnipresent, plastered on seemingly every vehicle that passes by. Call it Volley 2 in the local signage wars.

So, take a few to distribute to friends you’re sure will put them on their cars. If you can leave a buck or two or three to help defray the printing costs, that would be great.

Phone Banking

Emily Hartshorn is the Field Organizer with the Democratic Party of New Mexico in the Second Congressional District who is working to organize Sierra County.

Here’s some information she sent to the Sierra County Democrats:

To phone bank with Team Xoch click here.

 We have virtual phone banks almost every day of the week! Neighbors calling neighbors has been proven to be incredibly influential in elections, so we get together Monday through Thursday to virtually call other voters and tell them why we love Xoch. On Monday through Thursday, we have our phone bank training at 5PM, and on Sundays we have our training at 1PM. Head over to this link to sign up ASAP!

 If you have already been to a phone bank training, just head over to this google doc to make calls anytime between 9AM and 9PM. Just find your county and organizer (me!) and make calls with that link. 

 If you have already attended a phone bank and loved it (how could you not love it?) and want to host a phone bank in your community, please let me know as soon as possible. The election is quickly approaching and we need your help reaching community members who might not otherwise know about all that Xoch has accomplished for Southern New Mexico. Community leaders are integral to getting Xoch reelected and we would love to set you up with all the necessary tools to create impactful change throughout our state.    

 Finally, please join our Facebook Group March Forward NM-02. There will be more to come soon on how we plan to use this as our Virtual Office. Please feel free to invite other volunteers to this group! We want this to be a productive and positive space, so please use your judgement when adding folks.

 Contact info for Emily Hartshorn Field Manager in NM-02 | Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee