Action of the Week: Sign Letter to Sierra County Commission

Time required: five minutes

Goal: Inform county commissioners we disapprove of their pro-Herrell resolution.

Steps required: Read 163-word letter. Sign it by replying to this address ( with your name, town, zip code, and either an e-mail address or a phone number as in the sample signature on the letter. We’re asking for this information because elected officials generally want evidence that letters come from real constituents.

Stay tuned for more calls to action.

Here is the letter. Thank you for signing. Please reply no later than noon on Tuesday Feb. 23

We the undersigned disagree with your resolution supporting Representative Yvette Herrell’s objection to the electoral college votes of Arizona and Pennsylvania. Your resolution does not express the views of all your constituents.

After the Capitol riots, Rep. Herrell condemned the rioters, and yet she still did what they and Trump wanted: attempted to overturn the election and disenfranchise the voters of other states. This effort was motivated by lies and conspiracy theories spread by former President Trump, and it was based on arguments that had already failed in courts around the country all the way to the Supreme Court. As Mitt Romney said, the way to address people’s concerns about the election is to tell them truth. Herrell carried on with the lies.

We do not expect to change your minds, only to remind you that you don’t speak for the whole county. Please put your attention on the health and economic needs of your constituents rather than exacerbating the partisan divide.


Patricia Kearney Truth or Consequences 87901