Rules and Bylaws




1.1 The Democratic Party of Sierra County is the official affiliate of the Democratic Party of the State of New Mexico and hence the National Democratic Party.

1.2 The voters registered as Democrats in Sierra County, New Mexico, are the members of the DPSC. There may be no further test of membership.


2.1 These rules govern the organization and conduct of business of the DPSC.

2.2 These rules and their amendments shall be filed with the Clerk of Sierra County, Secretary of State, and the DPSC Chairperson.

2.3 These rules may be amended by a majority vote of members at a meeting of the DPSC called by the Chairperson.

2.4 The DPSC shall have a regular meeting to conduct the regular business of the party at 5:30 PM on the third Wednesday of each month.

2.5 Proxy voting will be allowed provided a signed letter is provided to the DPSC secretary at least five minutes before the start of the monthly meeting.

2.6 The DPSC may have a special party meeting with a specially published agenda from a call of three members of the Executive Committee.

2.7 The quorum of the DPSC meetings shall be ten (10) members.


3.1 Party participation. Participation in the DPSC affairs, being an officer at any level of party structure, being a delegate to a party convention, being a committee member and voting in a county or precinct meeting shall be restricted to those who are registered as Democrats in Sierra County.


4.1 The Executive Committee of the DPSC is the governing body of the DPSC. It shall have general supervision of the political and financial affairs of the party except for those issues decided upon by the committee of the whole, i.e., the DPSC membership attending.

4.2 The Executive Committee has the ultimate political and financial responsibility of the DPSC.

4.3 The Executive Committee of the DPSC shall comprise of the County Chairperson, the Vice-Chairperson, the Treasurer, the Secretary and the Committee Chairs.

4.4 The Executive Committee shall meet before the monthly county meeting at the call of the County Chairperson. This meeting shall be open to DPSC members.


5.1 A vacancy occurs when an officer:

  1. Resigns or dies.
  2. Ceases to reside in Sierra County.
  3. Is removed for cause.
  4. Publicly announces candidacy for a county, state or national office.

5.2 If a vacancy exists in the office of the Chairperson, the Vice-Chairperson shall call a special meeting to elect a new Chairperson within 30 days of the occurrence of the vacancy, accept nominations by at least two concurring members, and provide ballots for the special meeting.

5.3 If a vacancy exists in any other office, the Chairperson shall appoint an interim officer for the remainder of the term.


6.1 There shall be a Sierra County Election of Officers in the spring of every odd-numbered year called by the Chairperson of the DPSC. These officers are Chairperson, Vice-Chairperson, Treasurer and Secretary.

6.2 County Conventions. The purpose of county conventions is to elect delegates to the State Conventions as governed by the State Rules. The County Chairperson shall call a county convention of the committee as a whole one month prior to the State Convention to elect said delegates.

6.3 Notices of any meetings for any election of party officers, shall be published in the Truth or Consequences newspapers by the secretary of the DPSC at least 14 days in advance and shall include the time, date and place of the meeting. Notices will also be published on all regularly maintained social media by the secretary.


7.1 Precinct organizations. If it is determined by a 2/3 vote of the committee of the whole that Precinct officers are necessary, the Chairperson shall follow State Rule 12 for the election of Precinct officers.


8.1 County Standing Committees comprise the County Credential/Rules Revision Committee and the Platform and Resolutions Committee. Meetings of DPSC Standing Committees shall be called by the Chairperson.

8.2 The County Credential/Rules Revision Committee shall be appointed by the Chairperson and consist of a committee chair and three members. The committee shall hear challenges to the election of officers and act to remove officers in accordance with State Rule 12.7. The committee shall serve as a standing committee on Rules Revision.

8.3 The Platform and Resolutions Committee shall be appointed by the Chairperson and consist of a chair and one member. The committee shall consider and/or recommend resolutions and platform planks.

Democratic Party Officer Roles

The Chairperson shall preside over the monthly DPSC meetings and prepare agendas for distribution at the meetings. The Chairperson shall appoint all regular committees to carry out the business of the DPSC, independently or at the direction of the Executive Committee. The Chairperson shall appoint a Parliamentarian and Sergeant at Arms in Spring of odd numbered years for a two-year term. The Chairperson may participate in the business and voting of any committee as a regular member. As chief executive, the Chairperson will manage all party affairs and share with the Treasurer the ability to commit funds for party business.

The Vice-Chairperson shall perform the duties of the Chairperson in the Chairperson’s absence, including calling and presiding over monthly meetings. TheVice-Chairperson shall assist the Chairperson in the preparation of the monthly agenda and perform special duties assigned by the Chairperson. The Vice-Chairperson shall work with the secretary to maintain registered voter rolls, including voter records of voting, addresses, phone numbers, contributions, and other work done for the party, etc.

The Secretary shall record and preserve the minutes of the monthly meetings. The Secretary shall have published in the Truth or Consequences newspapers a notice and any special aspects of monthly meetings. The Secretary shall file DPSC rules and amendments to the Rules with the DPNM and with the Sierra County Clerk. The Secretary shall maintain the voter email addresses, registration rolls, telephone numbers, contributions, work done for the party, etc .

The Treasurer shall serve as Chairperson of the Budget Committee. The Treasurer is the financial officer of the DPSC and a signatory of the DPSC bank account, along with the Chairperson and Executive Committee. The Treasurer shall present a written financial report at each monthly meeting. The Treasurer shall propose to the DPSC Committee of the Whole fundraising plans to support the budget. The Treasurer shall manage the DPSC bank accounts.

The Parliamentarian serves at the pleasure of the Chairperson. The Parliamentarian determines whether motions are in order and ensures the orderly conduct of meetings by deciding whether actions are in order. The Parliamentarian interprets the rules determining who shall speak and when, as well as the order of business. A ruling of the Parliamentarian can be overruled by a majority vote called by the Chair, or by a motion , or a call for point of order.

The Sergeant at Arms serves at the pleasure of the Chairperson. The Sergeant at Arms ensures the meetings proceed under the ground rules, acts as timekeeper, maintains order, collects votes, records attendance, and can call a member out of order under the Chairperson’s direction. If a member is called out of order a second time, the Chairperson will ask for a recess and discuss the matter with the Sergeant at Arms and the member. If the member is called out of order a second time, the member will be asked to leave by the Sergeant at Arms. The Sergeant at Arms is responsible for ensuring that the member leaves, in accordance with State Law.

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