Pre-Primary Conventions, State House Candidates, and More

Our Sierra County Democratic Party’s pre-primary convention will elect 4 delegates to attend the state pre-primary convention. We have four nominees for the four spots, but additional nominations can also be made from the floor. At our convention, we expect at least 3 individuals who are running for office to speak in person: Dr. Ravi Bhasker and Tara Jamarillo, running for state house district 38, and Roscoe Woods for Judge. We may hear from candidates for state auditor and state treasurer, too. The event will take place at 108 Main St. T or C, at 1:00 p.m. Saturday Feb. 12, and last until all business is completed.

Please attend if at all possible. This convention will replace our normal February meeting.

At the state pre-primary convention, our delegates will have a chance to hear from all the candidates and vote on their placement on the ballot. The top vote getter will be listed first. Anyone who doesn’t get at least 20% of the vote doesn’t make it onto the ballot, but they can gather additional signatures to get back on. Delegates also vote on the party platform.

Candidates for District 38. Tara Jaramillo is CEO and co-founder of Positive Outcomes LLC in Socorro and elected School Board Member of Socorro Consolidated Schools. Ravi Bhasker, MD, has been mayor of Socorro for 32 years.

District 49 Candidate Event. Laurie Ware, educator and community volunteer, is seeking petition signatures to be on the ballot for the June primary for State Representative for District 49 as a candidate with the Democratic Party. CWB Gallery on Main in Magdalena will host a petition signing and an informal breakfast/brunch potluck gathering on February 26th from 10:00 am to 1:00. Ware needs 92 signatures before the March 8th deadline in order to file for candidacy.

Note: T or C is now split between districts 49 and 38.

Additional details on Sierra County Democrats’ pre-primary convention: Saturday should be 58 and sunny, and as you know it can feel warmer in the sun. Dress for the weather. Since we may be close together at times, please wear a mask.

Those unable to attend in person can participate on Zoom. To receive Zoom links in the future, subscribe to our mailing list.