June Meeting Agenda; Volunteer Needed for Treasurer

The next Democratic Party meeting will take place Wednesday, June 16 at 5:30 pm outside at Pelican Spa, 306 S. Pershing, T or C.

Please consider whether you could volunteer to take on Treasurer duties or know someone who could take on this vital role. Training for county party treasurers will soon be available. A small core group has been doing much of the local party’s work, and we need additional people to share the load as long-term volunteers step down.

Pledge of Allegiance
New Mexico State Pledge: I salute the flag of the State of New Mexico, the Zia symbol of perfect friendship among United cultures.

Secretary’s Report – Leslie Sekavec
Treasurer’s Report – Tom Hinson/Suzanne Carlstedt
Guest Speaker – Superintendent of Schools, – Dr. Channell Segura
Discussion of Party Financial Matters and Treasurer – Sid Bryan, Suzanne Carlstedt
Preparation of outreach materials for County Fair booth, etc. – Suzanne Carlstedt
Voter registration – Sid Bryan
Update on Blue CD2 NM – Guest speaker (via Zoom) Rochelle Williams, founder
Member input
Motion to adjourn

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May Meeting Wed. the 19th

Democratic Party Meeting Wednesday, May 19, 5:30 pm, courtyard at Pelican Spa, 306 S. Pershing, T or C. Weather permitting, we will meet outside. It’s predicted to be 86, partly cloudy, with winds only 12 mph, so outside is probable.

Note: New Mexico has not, to our best knowledge at the time of this posting, lifted the mask mandate, and covid cases are still occurring in Sierra County, so please respect the possibly unvaccinated among us who may choose to attend in person.


Pledge of Allegiance

New Mexico State Pledge: I salute the flag of the State of New Mexico, the Zia Symbol of perfect friendship among united cultures.

April Minutes – Leslie Sekavec

Treasurer’s Report and Secretary of State audit of our financial reports – Tom Hinson and Suzanne Carlstedt

Guest speaker from Elephant Butte irrigation district will talk about water issues

Yard Sale postponed–Sid Bryan

Request for Funding from Senator Heinrich’s office – Suzanne Carlstedt

Republican “Back the Blue” event June 6 -Sid Bryan

Member Input

Motion to Adjourn

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April Meeting Reminder and Agenda

Sierra County Democratic Party Meeting Wednesday, April 21, 5:30 p.m.-7:00 p.m.

We have changed to Zoom only after all. Sierra County is going back into yellow status Wednesday, so we’ve decided to do tomorrow’s meeting on Zoom only.

Those who wish to attend via Zoom or telephone, please subscribe to our mailing list to receive the links.



State pledge: I salute the flag of the State of New Mexico and the Zia symbol of perfect friendship among United cultures.

Guest: Jessica Velasquez, candidate for State Party Chair

Democratic Party Scholarship, status and funds needed     Sid Bryan

Fundraiser yard sale    Liz Telea

Fiesta booth?   Suzanne Carlstedt

Funding for county parties available from Senator Heinrich   Suzanne Carlstedt

Blue CD2   Patty Kearney

Newsletter mailing list    Patty Kearney

Melanie Stansberry Campaign for CD-1   Suzanne Carlstedt

Member input

Motion to adjourn

Two Opportunities to Support Democrats

Blue CD2

New Voters. New Voices. New Mexico.

The group is still in the early stages of development, working toward the following goals:

  1. Support the Democratic candidate in the 2022 CD2 Congressional race
  2. Register Democratic-leaning CD2 residents
  3. Deliver messaging around “what Democrats are doing for you, your family, your businesses, and your communities in CD2 right now” via postcards, billboards, social media campaigns, and letters to editors.
  4. Coordinate with other CD2 groups to support Democratic candidates in races up and down the ballot

To join, contact bluecd2nm@gmail.com

Letters to the Editor Group

Join others in writing letters about issues that matter to Democrats and progressives in New Mexico. This project is coordinated by Chris Spigarelli, formerly of T or C. Contact her at eldoradosf@yahoo.com if you’d like to participate. Chris encourages others to borrow as much of her original model as they want and then sign and send.

Below is an example of one of her letters on the subject of the CD1 special election.

By now most people are aware that there is a very important election occurring on June 1, which will decide who will take Deb Haaland’s seat in Congress. Why is this so important to New Mexico & our Nation?

This Congressional seat was recently held by a Democrat who had our New Mexican visions and values at heart. We need this seat to remain in the hands of a leader who has our traditional and tribal values and visions always in mind and at heart. 

Melanie Stansbury:

~helps our families by tackling urgent food & hunger issues.

~is a leader in climate change with her scientific background.

~wants to grow the economy with meaningful jobs.

~will protect our water and lands.

Mark Moores:

~voted against cannabis legalization, which has now passed and will bring much-needed funds to our state as well as expunge records of those with minor cannabis violations.

~is against women’s reproductive health rights and choices.

~is even against improving broadband access to all of our state.

~would have voted against the American Rescue Plan along with his Republican colleagues.

What can you do right now?

Read about the issues & make your decision for the candidate you feel will best represent New Mexican values and interests here and in Washington, DC. You can find information on candidate’s websites.

Volunteer (phone bank, text, talk with your friends & neighbors especially in CD1 precincts, write letters to the editor).

Donate—every little bit helps…more if you can.

But mainly, it is of upmost importance in the up-coming CD1 election to get out and vote. 

>Find your Precinct number on your voter registration card.

>Locate your voting place by going to your County Clerk’s website.

>Make a plan: WHEN & WHERE you will vote.

And then, JUST DO IT.

Action of the Week 3/21/21: Civic Engagement Toolkit Part Two

Civic Engagement Toolkit Part Two: Resources for Issues, Bills, and Votes

Time required: Five minutes to save this information and take a quick look at the sites—or an informative hour or more when you start looking into voting records and upcoming legislation.

Goal: Being informed and ready to act


  • Congress.gov — Official Congressional site.  Easy to use. Search for the bill(s) you’re interested in, and see what’s currently up for votes.
  • GovTrack.us – Non-government site. Provides updates on bills’ progress, outlines and full text, and even study guides. Voting records on the House and Senate floor are available for every bill as well.
  • https://votespotter.com Downloadable app.
  • https://votespotter.com/community/ Blog with current bills and votes
  • https://clerk.house.gov/Votes If you already know what a bill is about, this is a quick way to check on your representative’s votes. All bills recently voted on are listed. For any bill, you can search votes by party or by state.
  • https://www.senate.gov/legislative/votes_new.htm This is even briefer than the house info. Daily updates on roll call votes.



This group provides an all-in-one site for information and activism. The best resource for New Mexico legislation. The session just ended, but while the legislature is meeting, Retake sends regular updates on bills coming up for votes so you can make your voice heard.

The state legislature site https://www.nmlegis.gov/ strikes me as cumbersome for tracking votes and legislation. (If anyone has any easy way to navigate it, let me know before the next session.)

 State and National:

This site, https://justfacts.votesmart.org, provides information on key votes, politicians’ stands on issues, their funding sources, and endorsements and ratings they have received. You have to know what the organization doing the rating or endorsing stands for to understand the meaning of their endorsement, but that’s a small drawback. You can search voting records by issue category, such as environment or energy. It appears few people (if any) take the site’s Political Courage Test by answering a fixed set of questions. However, the site’s authors quote politicians who didn’t take the “test” making strong public statements on controversial issues, so the test is irrelevant. This is still an excellent resource.

If you missed the Civic Engagement Toolkit Part One—public officials’ contact info—here’s the link.  Put the two parts together and you’re equipped to create your own actions to share with others.

Action of the Week #3: Commit to Participate in Party Election

It’s important to have input and active participation from as many members of the Sierra County Democratic Party as possible, not just the few who show up for regular Zoom meetings. The Ward meeting and elections have to be virtual this year. For ballot security, we aren’t publishing the balloting links on the website.

To vote in our party elections or run for office or for County Central Committee, sign up for our mailing list to access the ballots and candidate forms, or contact sierracountydems@gmail.com

Call to Sierra County Ward Meeting/ Elect County Central Committee

February 26, 2021

Pursuant to the official call for the Democratic Party of New Mexico (DPNM) Spring 2021 State Central committee (SCC) Meeting, I am writing to provide you with the call to the Sierra County Ward meeting.

We are required by DPNM rules to hold a Ward meeting and elect a County Central Committee (CCC). The County Central Committee, elected by the Ward, will elect the County Party officers. The newly elected County Party Chair and Vice Chair will also represent our county on the DPNM State Central Committee.

The County Central Committee will also vote on proposed changes to Party rules:

Proposed Democratic Party of Sierra County (DPSC) Rule changes:

Proposed change to DPSC Rule 4.3
4.3.  Add: or such other members as appointed by the Chairperson with concurrence of the committee.

Proposed changes to DPSC Rule VI
6.1. There shall be a Sierra County Election of Officers in the spring of every odd numbered year called by the Chairperson of the DPSC.  These officers are Chairperson and Vice-Chairperson.  The procedures for said election shall follow DPNM Article III, Section 4.1.  The electors comprise the County Central Committee.
6.2. Notices of any meetings for Election of Officers shall be publicized in such manner as to ensure timely notice to all party members at least 14 days in advance of said meeting.  Notice shall include procedures by which party members may participate in said election.
6.3. Notices of any meetings and calls shall specify the time, place and purpose of said meeting and shall be publicized in such manner as to ensure timely notice to all party members at least 14 days in advance.

Proposed changes to Rule VII
7.1. Election of County Central Committee, Ward and Precinct members shall follow DPNM Article IV, Section 1.

Proposed changes to Rule VIII
8.1. County Standing Committees comprise the County Credential/Rules Revision Committee, Convention Credentials and Rules, and the Platform and Resolutions Committee.  Meetings of the DPSC Standing Committees shall be called by the Chairperson.
8.2. The County Credential/Rules Committee shall be appointed by the Chairperson and consist of a committee chair and three members.  The Committee shall hear challenges to the election of officers and act to remove officers in accordance with DPNM Article IV, Section 4.  The Committee shall serve as a Standing Committee on Rules Revision.
8.3. The Platform and Resolutions Committee shall be appointed by the Chairperson and consist of a chair and one member.  The Committee shall consider and/or recommend resolutions and platform planks.

(The DPNM Rules allow for county rules to supersede state rules regarding electing or appointing said committees, Article 4, Section 4.)

The current Party Rules can be found on our Party web site. 


Our Ward meeting will be held on March 17, followed by online election of our CCC March 19-23. Our CCC meeting will be held on March 24. followed by online election of party officers March 25-30.

Due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, and the public health orders in effect in our state, we will be unable to conduct these meetings via in-person gatherings as we did in previous years. We will be using Zoom to conduct the meetings. Dialing in to the meetings will also be an option. Meetings will occur at 5:30 pm.

As a result, in conjunction with the DPNM rules allowing for meetings to be held virtually and for voting pursuant to those meetings to be held via absentee balloting, our ward, precinct and CCC meetings will be virtual and the associated elections will be held via absentee balloting.

You will receive more information soon regarding the elections to occur in our Ward before the CCC meeting.


Sid Bryan

Chair, Democratic Party of Sierra County


Rules and Bylaws




1.1 The Democratic Party of Sierra County is the official affiliate of the Democratic Party of the State of New Mexico and hence the National Democratic Party.

1.2 The voters registered as Democrats in Sierra County, New Mexico, are the members of the DPSC. There may be no further test of membership.


2.1 These rules govern the organization and conduct of business of the DPSC.

2.2 These rules and their amendments shall be filed with the Clerk of Sierra County, Secretary of State, and the DPSC Chairperson.

2.3 These rules may be amended by a majority vote of members at a meeting of the DPSC called by the Chairperson.

2.4 The DPSC shall have a regular meeting to conduct the regular business of the party at 5:30 PM on the third Wednesday of each month.

2.5 Proxy voting will be allowed provided a signed letter is provided to the DPSC secretary at least five minutes before the start of the monthly meeting.

2.6 The DPSC may have a special party meeting with a specially published agenda from a call of three members of the Executive Committee.

2.7 The quorum of the DPSC meetings shall be ten (10) members.


3.1 Party participation. Participation in the DPSC affairs, being an officer at any level of party structure, being a delegate to a party convention, being a committee member and voting in a county or precinct meeting shall be restricted to those who are registered as Democrats in Sierra County.


4.1 The Executive Committee of the DPSC is the governing body of the DPSC. It shall have general supervision of the political and financial affairs of the party except for those issues decided upon by the committee of the whole, i.e., the DPSC membership attending.

4.2 The Executive Committee has the ultimate political and financial responsibility of the DPSC.

4.3 The Executive Committee of the DPSC shall comprise of the County Chairperson, the Vice-Chairperson, the Treasurer, the Secretary and the Committee Chairs.

4.4 The Executive Committee shall meet before the monthly county meeting at the call of the County Chairperson. This meeting shall be open to DPSC members.


5.1 A vacancy occurs when an officer:

  1. Resigns or dies.
  2. Ceases to reside in Sierra County.
  3. Is removed for cause.
  4. Publicly announces candidacy for a county, state or national office.

5.2 If a vacancy exists in the office of the Chairperson, the Vice-Chairperson shall call a special meeting to elect a new Chairperson within 30 days of the occurrence of the vacancy, accept nominations by at least two concurring members, and provide ballots for the special meeting.

5.3 If a vacancy exists in any other office, the Chairperson shall appoint an interim officer for the remainder of the term.


6.1 There shall be a Sierra County Election of Officers in the spring of every odd-numbered year called by the Chairperson of the DPSC. These officers are Chairperson, Vice-Chairperson, Treasurer and Secretary.

6.2 County Conventions. The purpose of county conventions is to elect delegates to the State Conventions as governed by the State Rules. The County Chairperson shall call a county convention of the committee as a whole one month prior to the State Convention to elect said delegates.

6.3 Notices of any meetings for any election of party officers, shall be published in the Truth or Consequences newspapers by the secretary of the DPSC at least 14 days in advance and shall include the time, date and place of the meeting. Notices will also be published on all regularly maintained social media by the secretary.


7.1 Precinct organizations. If it is determined by a 2/3 vote of the committee of the whole that Precinct officers are necessary, the Chairperson shall follow State Rule 12 for the election of Precinct officers.


8.1 County Standing Committees comprise the County Credential/Rules Revision Committee and the Platform and Resolutions Committee. Meetings of DPSC Standing Committees shall be called by the Chairperson.

8.2 The County Credential/Rules Revision Committee shall be appointed by the Chairperson and consist of a committee chair and three members. The committee shall hear challenges to the election of officers and act to remove officers in accordance with State Rule 12.7. The committee shall serve as a standing committee on Rules Revision.

8.3 The Platform and Resolutions Committee shall be appointed by the Chairperson and consist of a chair and one member. The committee shall consider and/or recommend resolutions and platform planks.

Democratic Party Officer Roles

The Chairperson shall preside over the monthly DPSC meetings and prepare agendas for distribution at the meetings. The Chairperson shall appoint all regular committees to carry out the business of the DPSC, independently or at the direction of the Executive Committee. The Chairperson shall appoint a Parliamentarian and Sergeant at Arms in Spring of odd numbered years for a two-year term. The Chairperson may participate in the business and voting of any committee as a regular member. As chief executive, the Chairperson will manage all party affairs and share with the Treasurer the ability to commit funds for party business.

The Vice-Chairperson shall perform the duties of the Chairperson in the Chairperson’s absence, including calling and presiding over monthly meetings. TheVice-Chairperson shall assist the Chairperson in the preparation of the monthly agenda and perform special duties assigned by the Chairperson. The Vice-Chairperson shall work with the secretary to maintain registered voter rolls, including voter records of voting, addresses, phone numbers, contributions, and other work done for the party, etc.

The Secretary shall record and preserve the minutes of the monthly meetings. The Secretary shall have published in the Truth or Consequences newspapers a notice and any special aspects of monthly meetings. The Secretary shall file DPSC rules and amendments to the Rules with the DPNM and with the Sierra County Clerk. The Secretary shall maintain the voter email addresses, registration rolls, telephone numbers, contributions, work done for the party, etc .

The Treasurer shall serve as Chairperson of the Budget Committee. The Treasurer is the financial officer of the DPSC and a signatory of the DPSC bank account, along with the Chairperson and Executive Committee. The Treasurer shall present a written financial report at each monthly meeting. The Treasurer shall propose to the DPSC Committee of the Whole fundraising plans to support the budget. The Treasurer shall manage the DPSC bank accounts.

The Parliamentarian serves at the pleasure of the Chairperson. The Parliamentarian determines whether motions are in order and ensures the orderly conduct of meetings by deciding whether actions are in order. The Parliamentarian interprets the rules determining who shall speak and when, as well as the order of business. A ruling of the Parliamentarian can be overruled by a majority vote called by the Chair, or by a motion , or a call for point of order.

The Sergeant at Arms serves at the pleasure of the Chairperson. The Sergeant at Arms ensures the meetings proceed under the ground rules, acts as timekeeper, maintains order, collects votes, records attendance, and can call a member out of order under the Chairperson’s direction. If a member is called out of order a second time, the Chairperson will ask for a recess and discuss the matter with the Sergeant at Arms and the member. If the member is called out of order a second time, the member will be asked to leave by the Sergeant at Arms. The Sergeant at Arms is responsible for ensuring that the member leaves, in accordance with State Law.