Action of the Week #3: Commit to Participate in Party Election

It’s important to have input and active participation from as many members of the Sierra County Democratic Party as possible, not just the few who show up for regular Zoom meetings. The Ward meeting and elections have to be virtual this year. For ballot security, we aren’t publishing the balloting links on the website.

To vote in our party elections or run for office or for County Central Committee, sign up for our mailing list to access the ballots and candidate forms, or contact

Call to Sierra County Ward Meeting/ Elect County Central Committee

February 26, 2021

Pursuant to the official call for the Democratic Party of New Mexico (DPNM) Spring 2021 State Central committee (SCC) Meeting, I am writing to provide you with the call to the Sierra County Ward meeting.

We are required by DPNM rules to hold a Ward meeting and elect a County Central Committee (CCC). The County Central Committee, elected by the Ward, will elect the County Party officers. The newly elected County Party Chair and Vice Chair will also represent our county on the DPNM State Central Committee.

The County Central Committee will also vote on proposed changes to Party rules:

Proposed Democratic Party of Sierra County (DPSC) Rule changes:

Proposed change to DPSC Rule 4.3
4.3.  Add: or such other members as appointed by the Chairperson with concurrence of the committee.

Proposed changes to DPSC Rule VI
6.1. There shall be a Sierra County Election of Officers in the spring of every odd numbered year called by the Chairperson of the DPSC.  These officers are Chairperson and Vice-Chairperson.  The procedures for said election shall follow DPNM Article III, Section 4.1.  The electors comprise the County Central Committee.
6.2. Notices of any meetings for Election of Officers shall be publicized in such manner as to ensure timely notice to all party members at least 14 days in advance of said meeting.  Notice shall include procedures by which party members may participate in said election.
6.3. Notices of any meetings and calls shall specify the time, place and purpose of said meeting and shall be publicized in such manner as to ensure timely notice to all party members at least 14 days in advance.

Proposed changes to Rule VII
7.1. Election of County Central Committee, Ward and Precinct members shall follow DPNM Article IV, Section 1.

Proposed changes to Rule VIII
8.1. County Standing Committees comprise the County Credential/Rules Revision Committee, Convention Credentials and Rules, and the Platform and Resolutions Committee.  Meetings of the DPSC Standing Committees shall be called by the Chairperson.
8.2. The County Credential/Rules Committee shall be appointed by the Chairperson and consist of a committee chair and three members.  The Committee shall hear challenges to the election of officers and act to remove officers in accordance with DPNM Article IV, Section 4.  The Committee shall serve as a Standing Committee on Rules Revision.
8.3. The Platform and Resolutions Committee shall be appointed by the Chairperson and consist of a chair and one member.  The Committee shall consider and/or recommend resolutions and platform planks.

(The DPNM Rules allow for county rules to supersede state rules regarding electing or appointing said committees, Article 4, Section 4.)

The current Party Rules can be found on our Party web site.

Our Ward meeting will be held on March 17, followed by online election of our CCC March 19-23. Our CCC meeting will be held on March 24. followed by online election of party officers March 25-30.

Due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, and the public health orders in effect in our state, we will be unable to conduct these meetings via in-person gatherings as we did in previous years. We will be using Zoom to conduct the meetings. Dialing in to the meetings will also be an option. Meetings will occur at 5:30 pm.

As a result, in conjunction with the DPNM rules allowing for meetings to be held virtually and for voting pursuant to those meetings to be held via absentee balloting, our ward, precinct and CCC meetings will be virtual and the associated elections will be held via absentee balloting.

You will receive more information soon regarding the elections to occur in our Ward before the CCC meeting.


Sid Bryan

Chair, Democratic Party of Sierra County