Two Opportunities to Support Democrats

Blue CD2

New Voters. New Voices. New Mexico.

The group is still in the early stages of development, working toward the following goals:

  1. Support the Democratic candidate in the 2022 CD2 Congressional race
  2. Register Democratic-leaning CD2 residents
  3. Deliver messaging around “what Democrats are doing for you, your family, your businesses, and your communities in CD2 right now” via postcards, billboards, social media campaigns, and letters to editors.
  4. Coordinate with other CD2 groups to support Democratic candidates in races up and down the ballot

To join, contact

Letters to the Editor Group

Join others in writing letters about issues that matter to Democrats and progressives in New Mexico. This project is coordinated by Chris Spigarelli, formerly of T or C. Contact her at if you’d like to participate. Chris encourages others to borrow as much of her original model as they want and then sign and send.

Below is an example of one of her letters on the subject of the CD1 special election.

By now most people are aware that there is a very important election occurring on June 1, which will decide who will take Deb Haaland’s seat in Congress. Why is this so important to New Mexico & our Nation?

This Congressional seat was recently held by a Democrat who had our New Mexican visions and values at heart. We need this seat to remain in the hands of a leader who has our traditional and tribal values and visions always in mind and at heart. 

Melanie Stansbury:

~helps our families by tackling urgent food & hunger issues.

~is a leader in climate change with her scientific background.

~wants to grow the economy with meaningful jobs.

~will protect our water and lands.

Mark Moores:

~voted against cannabis legalization, which has now passed and will bring much-needed funds to our state as well as expunge records of those with minor cannabis violations.

~is against women’s reproductive health rights and choices.

~is even against improving broadband access to all of our state.

~would have voted against the American Rescue Plan along with his Republican colleagues.

What can you do right now?

Read about the issues & make your decision for the candidate you feel will best represent New Mexican values and interests here and in Washington, DC. You can find information on candidate’s websites.

Volunteer (phone bank, text, talk with your friends & neighbors especially in CD1 precincts, write letters to the editor).

Donate—every little bit helps…more if you can.

But mainly, it is of upmost importance in the up-coming CD1 election to get out and vote. 

>Find your Precinct number on your voter registration card.

>Locate your voting place by going to your County Clerk’s website.

>Make a plan: WHEN & WHERE you will vote.

And then, JUST DO IT.

Three More Weekends of Action for Xochitl Torres Small

We need to make sure that we are encouraging people to get out and vote for Xochitl NOW!  There will be Weekends of Action every weekend until the election. We need to continue to push to ensure that we keep NM-02 blue and send Xochitl back to Washington, D.C.

Weekend of Action Sign-Up Links: 

October 10th and 11th Weekend Phone Banks and Text Banks:



October 17th and 18th Weekend Phone Banks and Text Banks:



October 24th and 25th Weekend Phone Banks and Text Banks:



Get Out the Vote Phone Banks and Text Banks:



Thank you for your continued support of Xochitl.

Emily Hartshorn 

Field Manager in NM-02 | Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee

To phone bank with Team Xoch click here.

Local Public Health Issue: Write and Get Involved

The Sierra County Commission recently passed a resolution in favor of requesting a special exception for our county in respect to the state-wide public health orders affecting businesses in the prevention of spreading the novel coronavirus. For details, see the article in the Sierra County Sun.

Please write to Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham if you oppose the commissioners’ decision. If this sample letter below motivates you to write, improve on it in your own letter rather than copying. Your unique wording is important.

The Sierra County Commission recently passed a resolution in favor of making a special exception for our county in respect to the state-wide public health orders and stay at home orders. Please don’t think it represents the people of the county. It doesn’t. They want to open for business sooner, because we have no detected cases of covid-19 in our county. They made this decision without acknowledging the concerns of constituents who disagreed or the science behind the objections. Instead, they relied on a flawed document put out by a coalition of New Mexico business leaders.

We have some citizens here who ignore social distancing already. Requiring it will be hard to enforce if we reopen on an arbitrary timeline with arbitrary capacity numbers. Deaths and infections are still increasing. Just because there are no detected cases yet in Sierra County, it doesn’t mean there are no undiagnosed cases. We’ve done only 119 tests in Sierra County (population 10,968) as of April 22. Will we be able to control the spread, realistically? Sierra County is a tourist destination. If we reopen for business too much and too soon, we’re inviting potentially infectious people to visit.

History shows, with the 1918 flu pandemic, that cities and regions that did social distancing sooner and kept it up suffered not only fewer deaths and illnesses but recovered better economically in the long run.

We are poor, rural, and have a high percentage of seniors in our population. Our small hospital couldn’t handle an outbreak if one occurred. The county commission wants to exploit our good luck—or lack of testing—to bring in money. In doing so, they could pop that bubble of good luck and destroy our economy rather than enhance it, by opening too soon.

For updates on state-wide covid-19-related information,  go to