Important Info and Requests from Feb. Meeting: Schools and Textbooks, Party Election

Please take time to review the social studies textbooks proposed for our public schools, especially the elementary school texts, and submit your comments. The books are available at the T or C Schools Central Service building at 910 No. Date off Date Street behind the Circle K, from 8:00am to 4:00pm Monday thru Friday until March 10th. Inside the entrance, the books are on the right in the board room. You can review any grade you like. While Danny was there, four other people were there; they were planning to protest what they perceive as CRT and sexual perversion in the books, and they will be talking to churches to urge church members to speak up. If at all possible, please counter this viewpoint. Submit your comments at the next School Board meeting March 13th 5:30 p.m. during Public Comment. Or by email to Dr. Castro at: Dr. Edgardo Castro, Director of Learning Services,  

You can track legislation via the New Mexico legislature web site. Use the bill tracker:  and view live or recorded hearings on the webcasting section.

Barbara is tracking legislation on education. There’s a proposal to reduce credits for graduation from 26 credits to 22. 22 is the norm nationally, but is not better for academic rigor. There is also a proposal to increase the hours kids and teachers would be in school. HB 130 and HB 194 present similar ideas. High school would move from 1080 to 1149 hours, but more is not necessarily better. Teacher professional development (60 hours per school) would require teachers to come to school a week before and a week after school. School board prefers HB 130. Tara Jaramillo spent over an hour with our school board. All were impressed with her. You can call Senator Crystal Diamond or Tara to advocate for bills.

It is not too soon to start recruiting candidates for public offices, including a Democrat from State House District 49. So far, none has emerged.

We have party elections coming up at the March meeting. Sid is interested in continuing as party chair. However, Suzanne would like to see new people run for vice chair. She requests that the vice chair have the support of four or five volunteers to whom she can delegate some of the many tasks involved. Please consider becoming part of that team. Note: Chair and Vice Chair must be opposite sexes according to party rules. Secretary and treasurer are not elected positions.

Can you help with fund raising? The Sierra County Democrats spent heavily during the last election, and we are running low on funds. If you can help out, please go the Act Blue DONATE link on our web site’s home page Thank you.