September Events and Volunteer Opportunities

Democratic Candidate Events

Labor Day  Monday September 5

Free showing of Salt of the Earth at El Cortez theater in T or C at noon, followed by reception and fall campaign kickoff at Democratic Party campaign headquarters at 405 Main.  Free food and beverages. Tara Jaramillo, candidate for NM House District 38 and Michael Lanford, candidate for Sierra County Sheriff, will be there.

Not familiar with this pro-labor movie?

Wednesday September 21

Meeting with Gabe Vasquez, our candidate for Congress, 5:30 at Pelican Spa courtyard, 306 S Pershing. Other candidates are expected as well. Free food and beverages.

Voter Outreach

Low turnout among Democrats led to Yvette Herrell’s election. Let’s not let that happen again. We need to motivate and engage the Democrats and Democratic-leaning independents who don’t always vote. Volunteer with the coordinated campaign to elect Democrats up and down the ballot. Contact Rick Lass, 505-920-0540,

Volunteer with Gabe Vasquez’s campaign. Contact Frances Gonzales, 575-956-8942,

Can you volunteer for Elephant Days or the County Fair?

The Sierra County Fair runs from Wed. Oct. 5 through Sun. Oct. 9. Our booths there have typically been indoors.

Elephant Days is an all-day outdoor event Sat. Oct. 15 and Sun. Oct. 16.

We would need volunteers to take shifts staffing our table(s). Voter registrars appreciated but not required.

If we have enough volunteers to make our presence at both or either of these events feasible, we’ll work out the details. Please respond to if interested in either and say what days or hours you’d be available. You may list options, as in “I could do the morning of Oct. x or the afternoon of Oct. y, but not both” or “I’m flexible for any morning of the fair,” etc.

Thank you!

August Meeting Agenda; September Events

The August meeting will take place on Wednesday the 17th at 5:30 p.m. at 405 Main Street, Truth or Consequences.

Agenda August 17, 2022

Pledge of Allegiance

New Mexico State Pledge: I salute the flag of the State of New Mexico, the Zia symbol of perfect friendship among united cultures.

Approval of July Minutes – Sid Bryan

Treasurers Report – Sid Bryan

Guest Speaker(s) TBA

County Commission Meeting – Barbara and Suzanne

Labor Day Event – Sid Bryan

September 21 Event with Gabe Vasquez – Sid Bryan and Frances Gonzales

Silent Auction Postponed – Sid Bryan

Possible October Events: Elephant Days and County Fair – Discuss and vote – Suzanne Carlstedt

Member Input

Motion to Adjourn

Save these dates in September!

Labor Day, Monday Sept. 5—Special candidate event

Wednesday Sept. 21 Candidates will be speaking at our meeting.

Stay tuned for details.

July 2022 Meeting

The meeting will be held on Wednesday the 20th at 405 Main St. Truth or Consequences from 5:30 to 7:00 p.m.


Pledge of Allegiance

NM State Pledge: I salute the flag of the State of New Mexico, the Zia symbol of perfect friendship among united cultures.

Introductions and welcome to newcomers 

Guest Speaker: Shelly Trujillo, Sierra County Clerk, on election integrity, voting equipment, voter statistics in Sierra County, voter registration training and helping at the polls. She was originally scheduled for July. She will speak to us in August instead.

Approval of June minutes – Sid Bryan

Treasurers Report – Sid Bryan

Report on Event in Hillsboro with Gabe Vasquez – Barbara Pearlman

CD2 Organizer – Frances Gonzales

Update on School Board – Barbara Pearlman 

Silent Auction Fundraiser September 10 – Sid Bryan 

Staffing Party Headquarters- Suzanne Carlstedt

October Events: County Fair 10/6-8

Elephant Days 10/14-16 – Cathy Berger (vote on our participation, discuss preliminary plans)

Member Input

Motion to Adjourn

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Join the NM Democrats for Our Defend Choice Day of Action

This Saturday, July 16th, Democrats across New Mexico are volunteering to help our pro-choice Democratic ticket. We need volunteers who care about defending reproductive rights in NM to join our hybrid-virtual Day of Action at 9:00am this Saturday, July 16th.

Sign up here to volunteer for the NM Democrats to defend choice this Saturday.

We’ll launch our Day of Action with appearances by Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham and US Representatives Teresa Leger Fernandez and Melanie Stansbury. Sign up to join us virtually or in-person on Saturday! Please forward this info to any Dems who can help us stand up for choice this Saturday. We need all hands on deck to makes sure we defend choice at the state and federal levels.

Hillsboro Meet and Greet with Gabe Vasquez!

Save the date!

3:00 p.m. Sunday July 10th at the Hillsboro Community Center

Meet Democratic candidate for Congressional District 2 Gabe Vasquez. Talk with like-minded neighbors, turn despair or anger about current events into ENERGY, and find out what we can do to secure the vote in November.

Light refreshments will be served. Join us!

Don’t Just Get Mad: Get Together and Get Involved

We need to be working now, not just in the weeks before election day. The national news is enough to make that clear. And if you follow the local news, you’ll know that a group of Sierra County citizens who believe the Big Lie went before the county commission to express their convictions based on the material in a widely debunked conspiracy theory film. The opposition is organized and motivated, and they never stop. We can only win by out-organizing them and by motivating the discouraged and the disengaged. Our small, slow, behind-the scenes efforts matter as much as big protests and massive voter turnout, because the team doing the small things brings out the massive voter turnout.

If something is holding you back from volunteering, what is it? “I’m too busy.” “It’s too stressful.” “I don’t see what’s accomplished.” “I don’t like talking to strangers.” “I’m so upset, I feel like giving up and hiding from it all.”  

Action relieves those negative feelings! So does knowing you’re not alone!

Meet and greet at the Hillsboro Community Center July 10, 3:00-5:00 p.m

Sit down and talk with fellow Democrats and independents, share concerns, and get motivated to make November 2022 a win. Meet with candidates and their representatives and become involved. And enjoy some cookies, cake, iced tea, and lemonade.

Even if you have just one or two hours a week (or every other week), you can relieve your political distress through action. Here are two ways to get started.

  1. Postcards for Blue CD2 are a low-stress way to volunteer without talking to strangers, on your own time. Create a postcard project of your choosing. For example: want to mail postcards to registered, non-voting Democrats whose primary voting issue is the environment? Blue CD2 will provide you names, addresses, a message, and in some cases, the postcards. You choose the number of postcards you want to write and supply postage. You can narrow your project by issue, age group, gender, or county. Email to volunteer. The steps are simple and worth taking.
  2. Volunteer for a campaign. Deep phone banking, like deep canvassing, means talking with the least engaged voters, the Democrats and Democratic-leaning independents who don’t always vote, and asking what issues they care about. This helps the campaign build a plan to reach them in the future. In each two-hour session, you might have only a few such conversations, but those add up when enough volunteers participate. Calls to disconnected numbers and people who have moved out of state are actually useful, too. Yes, many people don’t answer, but slow work isn’t wasted time. Sooner or later, you reach someone who wants to talk, and the conversation is rewarding. Something is being accomplished in small steps.To volunteer to help elect Gabe Vasquez for CD2, contact Frances Gonzales 575-956-8942.

Need even more motivation? Excerpt from statement by state Democratic party chair Jessica Velasquez:

The stakes are high this election year. Republican candidate for governor Mark Ronchetti promises to make abortion illegal and wants to pass policies that punish women and their doctors for making their own healthcare decisions. The GOP candidate for Lt. Governor, Ant Thornton, believes that abortion should be illegal with no exception, even in cases of rape or incest, or when the mother’s life is at risk. 

Additionally, each New Mexican GOP congressional candidate including Alexis Martinez Johnson and Yvette Herrell have made it clear that they strongly support the undoing of the protections of Roe v. Wade and want to undermine access to abortion across the country. Herrell even co-sponsored legislation that would ban all abortion, even when the woman’s life is at risk, and restrict access to commonly used contraceptives.

Thanks for reading and for getting involved. If you have the ability to donate to Democratic candidates, please support them in that way, too.

Agenda for June 15th 2022 Meeting

Democratic Party of Sierra County June 15, 2022 meeting will take place at 405 Main ST. Truth or Consequences from 5:50 to 7:00 p.m.

Pledge of Allegiance
New Mexico State Pledge: I salute the flag of the State of New Mexico, the Zia symbol of perfect friendship among United cultures.

Approval of May minutes – Sid Bryan
Treasurer’s Report – Sid Bryan

Guest Speaker: Michael Lanford, candidate for Sierra County Sheriff –  updates on his campaign

Update on School Board – Barbara Pearlman

Outreach event in Hillsboro – Barbara Pearlman and Cathy Berger

Voter registration – Suzanne Carlstedt

Campaign Headquarters – Sid Bryan

September Fundraiser – Liz Telea and Barbara Pearlman

Member Input

Motion to Adjourn

Phone banking opportunities! 

Voters who participate in primaries are more likely to become engaged and vote in the general election. Sign up for phone banking with the Democratic Party of New Mexico this weekend and next weekend for two Early Voting Weekends of Action. In these calls, you will be helping our low turnout Democrats make plans to vote early, absentee, or on election day.

There will also be phone banking every single day from June 1st – 7th to help these voters make a plan to vote on election day!

To receive the sign-up links, email, and let us know which you want to sign up for. Virtual Early Vote Weekend of Action Phone Banks, 5/21 – 5/22 and 5/28 – 5/29 or Get Out The Vote Phone Bank, 6/1 – 6/7.

You can choose to do as few or as many days as you want. Thank you!

Democratic Poll Workers Needed; Agenda for May 18th Meeting; Weekend Events

Please consider becoming a poll worker. More Democrats are needed for this important work. Having members of both parties is required. Do your part for democracy and for the integrity of elections. In order to become a poll worker you must be registered to vote in your county and attend a training. If you are able to work during the June 7th primary, please contact the Sierra County Clerk at 575-894-2840. Deadline for training is May 18th.

Democratic Party of Sierra County Meeting 5/18/22

405 Main St. T or C at 5:30 p.m.

Pledge of Allegiance
New Mexico State Pledge: I salute the flag of the State of New Mexico, the Zia symbol of perfect friendship among united cultures.

Introductions/new members

Guest Speaker: Michael Lanford, candidate for Sierra County Sheriff

Approval of April Minutes – Sid
Treasurers Report – Sid

Report on recent activities: Fiesta, Maggie Toulouse Oliver meet and greet, demonstration for women’s right to choose – Liz and Suzanne

Get out the vote effort – Suzanne

Plans for 2022 – Barbara and Suzanne

Future of the Party – Barbara and Suzanne

Member input

Motion to adjourn

Reminders of Weekend Events

New Mexico Secretary of State Maggie Toulouse Oliver will be in T or C Saturday May 14th for a meet and greet at Ingo’s Art Café, 422 N. Broadway, T or C. She’s doing a great job protecting voting rights, and we need to reelect her. Please come! Email for more information.

Sunday, May 15: rally for women’s rights. In response to the leaked Supreme Court draft decision to overturn Roe v Wade, rallies and marches are being organized across the country this weekend. In solidarity with our fellow citizens who strongly believe that women’s rights are human rights, a rally is being held in T or C on Sunday, May 15th, at 12:00 noon at the Triangle Park where Date and Main streets meet. Please bring signs, plenty of water, and a chair if you might need one. And please pass this along to friends and neighbors!